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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A trip to Dubai takes you through early history, whereas in recent years, archeologists have uncovered some artifacts, including weapons, pottery and coinage, dating back to the third millennium B.C. which have been preserved and housed in Dubai Museum. While modern Dubai traces its origin to the early 18th century when at that time a small fishing village at the mouth of the Creek was settled by a branch of the Bani Yas tribe, led by the Maktoum family who still rule the emirates today. The emirate was reputed to have had the largest souks in Arabia. Pearling was the mainstay of the emirate's prosperity for many years, and later developing trade in gold and other commodities. Much of this history is carefully preserved in myriad forts, mosques, palaces and other historic monuments.

Archaeological Sites

Four main excavations have been taking place in Dubai uncovering graveyards dating back 2000 years, and artifacts from 7th to 15th centuries AD.

Clothing & Jewelry

The high temperature of the region has reflected on the Arab national dress worn in Dubai and adapted to it. The white loose-fitting dress worn by men known as Dishdasha, and the women's black long-sleeved full-length robe called abayah. Head coverings, are used by both sexes for protection from sand and the midday sun. As for jewelry, women of Dubai have a fondness for jewelry especially in gold and silver necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets and rings for fingers, noses and even toes. Henna- a reddish dye obtained from powdered leaves-is widely used to stain the palms and soles of the feet for weddings and other special occasions.

Heritage Sites

Historical buildings and sites are spread around Dubai showing the beautiful domestic architecture of the emirate, such as Al Hamadiya School (1912), Bait Al Wakeel (1934) which was the first office building in Dubai; Bin Muzaina House which partially was dates back to 1890's; Burj Nahar, one of the many watchtower that once guarded the old city (1870); the Heritage House; the Heritage Village & Diving Village that feature potters and weavers practicing traditional crafts, as well as exhibit and demonstrate pearl diving showing Dubai's culture and heritage; the Majlis Ghorfat Um-Al Sheif (1955) in Joumaira area featuring traditional palm tree garden and irrigation system; Dubai Museum in Al Fahidi Fort (1799) which is vividly depict daily life in days prior to oil discovery, as well as artifacts dating back to third millennium B.C.; Hatta Heritage Village which is nestled among Hajjar mountains (16th century) a fine example of village architecture; Sheikh Saeed's House end of Dubai Creek; The Bastakiya that provides a Hint of old Dubai district.

Old Souks

The two main souks of Bur Dubai and Deira are being restored to highlight the historical commercial roots of the city. Both markets are covered with traditional roofing materials, with shops featuring old- style wooden doors.

Traditional Culture & lifestyle

Dubai's culture is rooted in Islam, providing inspiration that touches all aspects of every-day life. Every neighborhood has a mosque; and one of the largest and most beautiful is Jumeirah Mosque- a spectacular example of modern Islamic architecture built in medieval Fatimid style, Hospitality is among the most highly prized of virtues in the Arab world, and visitors will be charmed by the warmth and friendliness of the people.


Water Sports

With naturally clear water and high temperatures all year round, Dubai is a perfect spot for any activity, such as scuba diving, deep sea fishing, snorkeling, Scuba-diving, Water-skiing, windsurfing, sailing, yachting, and jet-skiing.

Land Sports

One of the great attractions of Dubai is variety of sports activities such as: Horse and camel riding, cycling, squash, bowling, target shooting, Ice skating in the desert, and archery.

Team Sports are the mainstay of Dubai's cosmopolitan population and provide facilities for the Go-Karting and 4WD desert/ dune driving.

Spectacular Sports of Dubai

Spectacular sports of Dubai falconry, horse racing, camel racing and Power boat racing.


Dubai is the pioneer of golf in the Middle East with championship standard grass courses to challenge the skills of even the most experienced players. The emirate is blessed with many golf courses; three challenging PGA championship golf courses and five additional courses are open to visitors. Six of the golf courses have lush fairways and exquisitely manicured greens. A couple, being sand courses, offer the unique opportunity to play on 'browns' (oiled sand) instead of greens. All the major golf courses have state-of-the-art clubhouses and a range of additional facilities, including quality pro-shops and dedicated coaching facilities with PGA qualified professionals. All players on the main courses are required to hold an official handicap of 28 or less for men and 36 or less for women. Only soft spikes or rubber-soled shoes are permitted and conventional golfing apparel is mandatory (t-shirts with collars and tailored shorts/trousers). No denims or jeans are permitted on the course or in the clubhouse. Golf clubs and golf carts are available for hire.


The Emirates are a paradise for photographers. Elegant mosques, dusty villages, sumptuous palaces, ancient wind-towers and houses; dramatic sunsets, beautiful landscapes, domestic flora and fauna, are all photographic opportunities that are next to none. The climate and light in the emirate are ideal for photographers. However, dust and humidity should be taken into consideration during certain periods; therefore, it is recommended to pack camera equipment in dust-proof bags for protection.

Shopping Delights & Festivals

Low import duties and no taxation have made Dubai a shopping destination offering unbeatable value to the bargain hunter. Major brand name products are widely available in the city and less expensive in Dubai than in their country of origin. A "Shopping Festival" takes place annually and became part of Dubai's tradition. The entire emirate becomes one massive mall with over 40 themed malls, souks, shops and boutiques with dazzling displays, attractive price-offers, discounts, bargains and promotions during which winning opportunities are presented through various purchase-related raffles and scratch & win promotions, while bringing world-renowned music shows, art exhibitions and folk dances that make shopping experience a memorable one.

Bird Watching

The United Arab Emirates' landscape supports over 400 bird species of which 80 are breeding residents and the remainder are migrants from north and central Asia, northern Europe, India and Africa. The country's prime position on a migratory crossroads guarantees an amazing selection of birds, many not easily found anywhere in Europe or elsewhere in the Middle East, such as the Crab Plover, Socotra Cormorant, Sooty Gull, Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouse, Hume's Wheater Black-crowned Finch Lark, and the Purple Sunbird.

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